The CEC signs a cooperation agreement with Committe of National Minorities.

The Central Elections Commissions signed today a cooperation agreement with the Committe for National Minorities (CNM). The Agreement was signed by the CEC Chairman  Komisioni Mr. Klement Zguri and the Committee  Chair Kostandina Bezhani. The  aim is to coordinate work on awareness of the national minorities regarding June 30, 2019 local government elections.

The CEC Chairman Mr. Klement Zguri stated that pursuant to the law no. 96/2017 “On protection of national minorities in the Republic of Albania” which defines the responsibility of the CEC on information of national minorities  (Greek, Macedonian, Aromanian, Roma, Egyptian, Montenegrin, Bosnian, Serbian and Bulgarian) but also in order to respect the constitutional rights the minority voters enjoy, the CEC has and will continue its work with high  committment so that the voters of these communities are informed and educated on the voting process.

The Committe Chairwoman, Mrs. Bezhani, declared that the Committee is willing to put at the disposal of the CEC all the information or data available related to the local government units where the population belonging to national minorities constitutes 20 % of the total number of the population and translation of educational , informational and awareness materials into each language of national manority, that will be prepared  for local government elections of June 30, 2019.

The scope of the signed agreement is: communications and exchange of data regarding local government units where national minorities constitute over 20% of the total number of the population, informing the national minorities on the conduct of the election process of June 30, 2019, through information, educational and awareness materials the CEC will produce even in the language of the national minorities.

The CEC and CNM will cooperate and coordinate joint informational activities in the zones where voters belonging to the national minorities are concentrated.