Europe Day , Deputy Chairman of the Central Elections Commissions Mr. Denar Biba meets with young people.

Today, on the Day of Europe,  the deputy chairman of the CEC Mr. Denar Biba met with the young people who are members of the.      ” Civic Resistance” organisation .

The meeting had an informational character and the focus was June 30, 2019 elections process, the importance of the participation in the voting, young people’ s awareness in order to prevent the phenomena that infringe the free vote and election democratic system, etc.

A topic in the symbolic day of May 9, the Europe Day, was also the importance of free and democratic elections as a guarantee for the integration process of our country into European Union.

The young participants showed great interest regarding the way the CEC functions as well as the role and the responsibility of the CEC in organisation and administration of the election process.