The Central Election Commission is a permanent body that prepares, supervises, leads and verifies all aspects and elements regarding the elections, referendums, and finally announces their respective results.

Based on Article 21of the Electoral Code, the CEC performs the following duties:

  • Issues decisions and instructions with general legal applicability throughout the territory if the Republic of Albania, based on the law and for the purpose of implementing it within its sphere of jurisdisction.
  • Makes decisions to unify electoral practices.
  • Directs and supervises collegially, through its members and structures, the pre-electoral and electoral processes.
  • Approves the boundaries of Electoral Adminsitration Zones in accordance with this Code.
  • Propses the allocation of the number of seats for each electoral zone for the elections to the Assembly .
  • Records the participation of electoral subjects for elections to the Assembly in accordance to the procedures of this Code.
  • Declares by decision the election result for each electoral zone, the winning candidades for the elections to the Assembly, the winning candidades for the members of councils for local governement organs.
  • Declares by decision the final result of elections nationwide, in accordance with this Code.
  • Conducts training courses at its own expense, no later than 30 days after the appointment of CEAZ-s members and, at the conclusion and upon completion of testing, issues them the respective certificates. For VCC members, conducts at its own expense, qualification sessions on electoral legislation. The CEC takes measures and organises voter education programmes for citizens.
  • Conducts preiodically trainings on election adiministration outside the electoral period for all persons interested and distributes the respective certificates. Training may be general and specialized for particular functions of election administration
  • Appoints and dismisses, in accordance with this Code, members of CEAZ and supervises them in the fulfillment of their duties.
  • Publishes the election journal, which contains the election results for each electoral zone and voting center, the report on financial expenditures, also publishes the reports pursuant to Article 91 of this Code.
  • Exercises control over the electoral campaign financing in accordance with this Code.
  • Performs other duties deriving from this Code and other Laws.