Statement of the CEC spokesperson Drilona Hoxhaj on submission of financial reports by political parties for 2019 election campaign.

The Central Elections Commission informs the public opinion that based on article 24/3 of the law 8580, dated 17.02.2000 “On political parties”, as amended, the deadline for the delivery of financial reports of the political parties on the election campaign was September 26.

Some 36 political parties ran in local government elections, out of which 20 parties submitted their reports on election campaign funding.


Ø  Out of  20 reports submitted

–      14 were delivered within the deadline

–      6 were submitted beyond the deadline

Ø  Out of the 20 reports submitted:

o   16 were according to the standard formats

o   4 had no format

Ø  Out of the 20 reports submitted, 13 were returned as

  1. The pages of the report were not complete and all the pages should be also stamped;
  2. The template of the candidate for mayor was missing
  3. The report was completed in handwriting ( it should be done electronically)

The financial report was not delivered by the following 16 parties, which have not complied with the law:

  1. Social Democracy Party
  2. G99 Party
  3. Democrat Party for Integration and Prosperity
  4. National Reconciliation Party
  5. Albanian Democratic Reform Party
  6. Party of Denied Rights
  7. National Unity Party
  8. Albanian Labour Movement Party
  9. The Party for Emigrants’ Rights Protection
  10. Albanian Social Labour Party
  11. Demo-Christian Alliance of Albania Party
  12. Red and Black Alliance Party
  13. National Conservatory Party Albania
  14. Albanian Emigration Party
  15. The Party of People with Disabilities
  16. Alliance of Macedonians for European Integration Party

The CEC is currently waiting for the delivery of financial monitoring reports of the campaign and financial audit reports, which will be checked with the funds benefited and spent, declared by the political parties.

Within November, the CEC will publish on its website the financial experts’ monitoring reports of the election campaign and the auditing reports. This will make possible transparency for the public and the media and all the interested parties that want to be informed about the three types of the reports above.

Regarding the above, the Central Elections Commission would like to inform that any interested entity that wants to file any claim regarding:

1)      The funds benefited and available funds of the political party from the date the elections are set until the election date, which are undeclared;

2)      All the expenses incurred during the above period, including the source and the date of receipt, from the date of decreeing the elections until election day, which are undeclared

3)      Deposits, accounts and transactions performed during the monitoring period, which are undeclared

should file these claims to the CEC, along the evidence and facts that supports the claims. (In order to assist the subjects that want to file a complaint, the CEC has approved the template of the complaint which can be easily accessed on the CEC website )

The CEC, through the financial experts who were responsible for the financial monitor/audit, will make the respective verifications regarding the complaints that might be filed.

The Central Elections Commission guarantees the right of any individual that file complaints on the election campaign funding to be heard and it guarantees that any information or data they possess it will be taken into consideration.

Below is the link of the reports

Thank you!