The Central Election Commission, in its daily meeting, approved the manual and standardized format of financial reporting for electoral campaign.

The manual as well as standardized format are drafted in cooperation with the experts of the American Democracy Institute (NDI) and the Council of Europe (CEI) and come as an improvement of the format used so far, approved by the CEC, by decision no. 3, dated 18.01.2012.

This act aims to increase the active role of the CEC in controlling the election campaign financing and increasing transparency regarding funds, received and spent by electoral subjects for election campaign purposes.

The manual is focused on the “election campaign financing” rules that will be applied during the election campaign period and is divided into two parts as below:

– The first part provides an overview of the legal framework governing the rules and aspects of electoral campaign financing.

– The second part provides guidelines for completing of the financial reporting for electoral campaign.

Type of application form aims:

• Increase transparency regarding funds received and spent by electoral subjects for election campaign purposes, as it contains specific details of both revenue and expenditure.

• Facilitating the reporting process by the electoral subjects of funds received and spent for election campaign purposes. In this form, are reported separately and in detail, public funds and non-public funds. Also, this above-mentioned form has a special space that details all campaign expenditures by providing detailed information on this expenditures item.

• Facilitating the processing of information by the special structure of the CEC in order to review financial reports and carry out the relevant verifications.

Standardized formats will be submitted by the political parties to the CEC in hard-copy as well as in electronic format, which will be published on the CEC official website immediately after the election campaign will end up.