Statement by the CEC on submitting lists of candidates for lawmakers.

One of the important stages of the electoral process is the submission to the CEC of the multi-name lists of candidates for lawmakers by political parties as well as candidates
proposed by the voters, who will participate to the Assembly elections of June 18, 2017.

Therefore, through this statement, the CEC brings to the attention of the electoral subjects, that pursuant to Articles 67, 68 and 72 of the Electoral Code, the multi – name lists of candidates for lawmakers should include the following data:

– the full list of candidates with the respective rankings, signed by the Chairman
of the Party, or proposal by the initiating committee of a group of voters;
a copy of Identification Document;

– The candidate’s statement that he has the right and the will to run as e candidate, in which are included,  as appropriate, the statement of resignation from the functions, as defined in Article 63 of this Code, accompanied by a copy of the statement of Resignation, deposited to the relevant institution;

– The candidate’s statement proposed by a group of voters that will not be supported or will not support any electoral subject in the elections;

– A list signed by the constituencies of the respective area, which they support the
Candidate or the Party as well, pursuant to Articles 69 and 71 of this Code.

In addition, for the first time, the full list of candidates for the lawmakers will be submitted electronically according to the format approved by the CEC, with the above-mentioned data as well as will be added the motherhood and the birthplace itself.

Pursuant to the law no. 138/2015 “On guaranteeing the integrity of the persons elected,
appointed or exercise public functions “, candidates for lawmakers must complete and submit the decriminalization form.

Along with the candidacy documentation deposited by political parties or the candidates proposed by the voters, should be also the biography (CV) for each candidate. This innovation will give to the voters the opportunity to get acquainted with candidate for lawmaker to whom they will vote to the Assembly elections.

The Decriminalization Form and the biography (CV) should be in the written format
(Hard-copy) and electronic one (scanned after being signed by the candidate), and will
be published on the official website of the CEC,, in order to be easily accessible by voters, media and civil society organizations.
We would like point out that all models of candidacy documents are standardized by the CEC, by decision no. 45, dated 17.02.2017, and can be downloaded easily on the CEC official website,

The Central Election Commission reminds the electoral subjects that the lists of Candidates for lawmakers and accompanying documentation must be submitted until 29th of April.

Despite this above-mentioned date is Saturday, for the Central Commission of Election is usually a working day and April 29 is the deadline for submission of lists Candidates. There will be no other deadline.

The CEC will verify the candidacy documentation as well as the decriminalization forms to complete the process of multi-name list registration by 5th of May.