The CEC trains candidates for Mayors  on funds benefited and spent during the campaign

The Central Elections Commission, with the technical assistance of the American Democratic Institute (NDI) and the support of the British Embassy, trained the candidates for Mayors for local government elections and their funding, on the declaration of funds benefited and spent during the election campaign.

On June 30, 2019,  for the first time,  even the candidates for mayor will report on the funding of the campaign through the political parties they represent.  

The training took place on 12 regions of Albania and the aim was to introduce the candidates for mayors to the legal provisions on financial reporting, enhance their capacity for a more effective application of the law, the CEC bylaws, and reporting requirements based on the new templates adopted by the commission.

The CEC trained the candidates for mayors for 59 municipalities, while the  training with the candidates running for the Mayor of  Tirana and Durrës Municipality will be held on Wednesday and Thursday.