The Central Election Commission, in its daily meeting, reviewed the draft decisions as following:
– “On approval of the content of ballot papers, for the candidates running for Mayor, Municipality of Kavaja,  for partial elections of May 07, 2017.
CEC drew lots and approved its result, according to which, Mr. Astrit Haka, a candidate supported by the voters, will be ranked the first on the ballot paper and Mr. Klodian Shehi, a candidate supported by the Socialist Party of Albania, will be ranked the second one.
– “On the execution of decision of the Electoral College of the Court of Appeal, Tirana, no. 3, act dt. 14.04.2017, to be expressed by a decision regarding the request dated 31.01.2017 of the “Equal List” Party, with initial letter “LIBRA”.
In this context, CEC decided to postpone the decision-making.
– “To review the request submitted by the Socialist Party and “Socialist Movement for Integration” Party.
The Central Election Commission didn’t make any decision.