The Central Election Commision would like to clarify the public opinion that, according to Article 67, of the Electoral Code, the  deadline for registration of multi-name list of Candidates of political parties, registered as electoral subject for the election of June 18, 2017, is “no later than 50 days before the election date”.
Based on the above-mentioned legal regulation, as well as the CEC multi-year practice, the deadline 50 days before 18th of June 2017, corresponds to 29th of April 2017.
Referring to Article 67 of the Electoral Code, political parties should deposit the multi-name lists to CEC, no later than 50 days before the election date. The 50-days deadline before the Election Date, referring to Article 125 of the Electoral Code, is calculated by excluding the Election Day.

This way of deadline calculation is already a practice, followed- up in all the previous election processes and also has been implemented as well regarding  the determination of 10th of April 2017 as the last date for the registration of the electoral subjects that will participte in the election of June 18, 2017, or April 19 as the last date for electoral coalition registration.

April 29, as the last date for registration of the multi-name lists of candidates of political parties, participants in the elections for the Assembly 2017, is a predefined date, announced and publicly accepted by all policial forces in the country, in which some of them have been permanent representatives at CEC meetings.