The Central Election Commission, in its daily meeting, reviewed and approved the draft decisions”
–  “ On approval of the content of the ballot papers for elections to Albanian Assembly, of June 18, 2017”. The CEC drew and approved the lot by which it resulted that the ranking of political parties on the ballot paper will be as follows:
1- New Democratic Spirit
2- Social Democracy Party
3- Democratic Alliance Party
4- Popular Alliance for Justice
5- Party “Alliance for Equality and European Justice”
6- Challenge for Albania
7- Albanian Democratic Christian Alliance
8- National Arbnore Alliance
9- Ethnic Greek Minority for the Future
10- Christian Democratic Party
11- Equal List
12- Social Democratic Party
13- Albanian Communist Party
14- Socialist Movement for Integration
15- Albanian Socialist Party

–  “On an Amendment to Decision No. 13, dated 12.01.2017 “On Approval of the Patterns of Ballot papers for Assembly Elections, of June 18, 2017”.