Seventeen political parties have deposited the multi-name lists of candidates for lawmakers at the Central Election Commission, for Assembly elections, within the deadline as set out in Article 67 of the Electoral Code.
Moreover, the political parties that have deposited the multi-name lists, are:
1. Albanian Comunist Party
2. Challenge for Albania
3. Ethnic Greek Minority for the Future
4. Equal List Party
5. National Unity Party
6. Popular Alliance for Justice
7. Social Democracy Party
8. Democratic Alliance Party
9. Christian Democratic Party
10. Socialist Movement for Integration
11. National Arbnore Alliance
12. Party “Alliance for Equality and European Justice”
13. Social Democratic Party
14. Moderate Socialist Party
15. Socialist Party
16. New Democratic Spirit
17. Democratic Christian Alliance
The Central Election Commission, based on Article 73 of the Electoral Code, is processing and verifying  the candidacy documentations for all the policial parties that have deposited multi-name lists.
At the same time, the CEC, in compliance with Law no. 138/2015, of  the decriminalization law, has also started the verification of self-declaration form of candidates for lawmakers.
The multi-name lists of political parties, that are in accordance with the provisions of Electoral Code, will be approved  by CEC, no later that May 5, 2017. In the meanwhile, if any irregularity will be found in multi-name lists for the candicay documentats, they will return to fill out, no later than May 4, 2017.
The entire process of approval and refusal by CEC, of multi-name lists for candidates for lawmakers, will be completed by May 9.
In this context, after approving the multi-name lists of candidates for lawmakers, CEC will publish them on the official website, along with decriminalization forms and CV-s as well.
The CEC, acutely aware of political situation in the country, but also responsible for the tasks assiged to it, would like to draw attention to all political factors and actors that, if they are still intended to be comprehensive, from 3rd of May 2017, not even legally, but also techincally is broken the limit of imppossibility of any expansion of participation.