The Central Election Commission in its daily meeting, reviewed and approved the draf decisions as following:
1.  “ On approval of  Working Manual of votes-counting group, for partial elections, for   Mayor of Kavaja Municipality, Tirana District, of May 7, 2017.
2. “ On approval of Working Manual of votes-counting group, for Assembly elections, of June 18, 2017.
3.  “ On establishment of some vote-counting premises for Assembly elections, of  June 18, 2017. The CEC approved as below:
– The votes-counting place of EAZ no.9, no.10, no.11, at Kukës District.
– The votes-counting place of EAZ no.20,no.21, no.22, no.23, no.24, no.25,  at Durrës District.
– The votes-counting place of  EAZ, no.62, no.63, no.64, no.65, no.66, at Berat District.
– The votes-counting place of EAZ no.76, no.77, no.78, no.79, no.80, at Gjirokastra District.
4. “ On dissmisal and appoinment of member of CEAZ, no. 69, at Korca District, for Assembly elections, on June 18, 2017”.
5.  “ On verification of declarations in self-delcaration form of candidates from multi-name lists for Municipal Council, pursuant to the Law no. 138/2015 “On guarateering of integrity of persons elected, appointed or exercisin public functions”
The CEC issued a notice to the municipal councils on the countinuation of procedures for issuing the mandate  to candidates of multi-name lists in order to fill out vacancies in municipal councils to:
– Mrs. Lezina Vorfaj,  Mirdita Municipality, Lezha District
– Mrs. Natasha Yzeiraj, Fier Municipality, Fier District.

In the end, the CEC decided to postpone the decision-making for the draft decision “On establishment of some Voting Centers in private buildings, for Assembly elections, dated June 18, 2017”