CEC’s chairman, Mr. Klement Zguri speech during thw Domestic Observes Coalition


Honorable representatives of the Diplomatic Corps,

Honorable leaders of the Coalition of Domestic Observers,

Honorable observers,

Honorable representatives of the media and participants,

I feel privileged to address this greeting at the Event organized by the Coalition of Domestic Observers for the Announcement of the 25 June Election Observation Action!

DOC observes elections since 2005, and therefore, I am a CEC member since 2000. Because of my duty, I have witnessed the great and ever-qualitative work of this unification of organizations, their real and democratic engagement as part of civil society in electoral processes.

Civic engagements such as DOC, are those that have had a strong impact on raising civic consciousness and strengthening the electoral culture of citizens, but at the same time have contributed to the work of bodies charged with organizing and administering elections, where CEC is definitely the more direct beneficiary.

The CEC for elections on June 25, has accredited a large number of observers from international organizations and local organizations, which will be the largest guarantee of process standards. Expressing gratitude to every organization and every individual engaged in this important mission, I would like to express my special gratitude to the Coalition of Domestic Observers, critical voice, at the same time the healthiest for raising the standards of the electoral process, and especially the performance of the CEC!

On behalf of my colleagues, I am taking the opportunity to convey a short message to accredited observers:

Firstly, I am confident that the DOC observers, as they have demonstrated their professionalism in the foregoing processes, will carry out the observation in accordance with the legal definitions, by observing and gathering information on the implementation of the requirements of the electoral framework, without interfering in the work and activity of the electoral administration, as well as by proving again on June 25, objectivity, professionalism in judgment, impartiality, transparency and accuracy of information.

Secondly, I would like to thank you for your commitment to the realization of such an important mission that makes the best service to the peaceful and democratic climate that Albanian voters create with their massive participation in voting, as proof of the values of citizenship and Their democratic spirit.

Thirdly, as Chairman of the CEC, but also as a citizen of this country, I would like to thank you for your civic engagement with great significance for democracy and the rule of law; It is time for work, dedication, social, civil and institutional affirmation that Albania conducts electoral processes of the highest democratic standards!