The Central Election Commission in its daily meeting reviewed as following:

1. “Reports of Technical Auditors, Andi Erebara and Armand Teliti “. The technical auditor’s reports will be sent to the General Directorate of Civil Status.
2. The draft decision “On the release and appointment mainly of CEAZ member no.7, at Shkodra District, and CEAZ member no.37, at Tirana District, for elections to Albanian Assembly, dated 25 June 2017”
3. The draft decision, “On reflection of electoral campaign to private radio and television when to decide to broadcast the materials made available by the electoral subjects”
The CEC decided that in cases when private audiovisual operators decide to broadcast material made available by electoral subjects during the electoral campaign, the logo of the political party or electoral coalition should be visible, no less than the logo of the audiovisual operator that broadcasts and stays on screen during the broadcasting of the material, spot or electoral publicity.
4. The draft guidelines, “On approval of procedures, selection criteria for the preliminary list and appointment of financial experts “.
Also, the CEC reviewed the result of verification of the General Prosecutor’s Office, pursuant to Law no. 138/2015 “On guaranteeing the integrity of persons elected, appointed or exercising public functions” for the public official, Mr. Abedin Oruçi, Chairman of the Council at Kukes District.
The CEC voted against the declaration of invalidity and early termination of the mandate of  Mr. Abedin Oruçi.