Statement on the CEAZs, submission of election materials.

After the vote counting process was completed, the Electoral Administration Zones Commissions have started to submit the election materials to the CEC. The election materials and relevant documentation have been submitted from the 67 CEAZs, and there are still remained 23 CEAZs.


CEAZ that did not submit documentation to the CEC;
1 Shkodra Shkodra Municipality EAZ 2
2 Kukes Tropoja Municipality EAZ 9
3 Lezhe Lezha Municipality EAZ 13
4 Diber Mat Municipality EAZ 16
5 Diber Bulqiza Municipality EAZ 18
6 Durres Kruja Municipality EAZ 20
7 Tirana Vorë Municipality EAZ 26
8 Tirana Tirana Municipality EAZ 30
9 Tirana Tirana Municipality EAZ 31
10 Tirana Tirana Municipality EAZ 38
11 Tirana Tirana Municipality EAZ 39
12 Tirana Kavaja Municipality EAZ 42
13 Tirana Rrogozhina Municipality EAZ 43
14 Berat UraVajgurore Municipality EAZ 62
15 Berat Berat Municipality EAZ 64
16 Berat Skrapar Municipality EAZ 66
17 Korca Pogradec Municipality EAZ 67
18 Korca Maliq Municipality EAZ 68
19 Korca Korça Municipality EAZ 71
20 Gjirokaster Përmet Municipality EAZ 74
21 Gjirokaster Kelcyre Municipality EAZ 75
22 Vlora Saranda Municipality EAZ 88
23 Vlora Finiq Municipality EAZ 89

We would like to inform that the CEC has started verification of the results tables issued by the CEAZs, as well as the compliance of results tables with the data placed in the online system of the Data Center.

Pursuant to Article 123, of the Electoral Code, the Central Election Commission compiles the Summary Table of Results and approves it no later than 48 hours after the arrival of the tables for each electoral zone.

As above-mentioned, we appeal to all Commissions of the Electoral Administration Zone, to immediately submit to the CEC, election materials to enable the CEC to certify the election result as set forth in the Electoral Code.