Statement of the CEC on  actions taken by Mayors of some Municipalities  

The Mayors of Mat, Kamëz, Kavajë, Gjirokastër, Dropull, Përmet, Delvinë, Shkodër, Tropojë municipalities, have requested in writing that the CEAZ immediately empty the premises where they are based; the premises where the CEAZs are based are immediately unoccupied and to stop any further actions related to posting voters list or remove them from the school premises which are under the administration of the municipalities.

In addition, the mayors of the municipalities of Peqin and Përrenjas have undertaken actions that prevent the CEAZ from exercising their duties in the premises of the CEAZs or BCCs.

The Central Elections Commission considers these requests and actions as fragrant violations of the Electoral Code and its general principles and based on the legislation in power of the Republic of Albania, the mayors of these municipalities are held liable, in the legal and administrative aspect.

The Albanian Parliament, through the Resolution “On the act of the President of the Republic of Albania to annul the decree  no. 10 928, dated 5.11.2018 “On setting the elections date of local government elections”, sent to the Central Elections Commission on June 14:

–      requested that the CEC protects the integrity of the process and guarantees the continuation of the process for local government elections of June 30, 2019, pursuant to the President’s Decree no. 10 928, dated 5.11.2018 “On setting the elections date of local government elections”

–      appeals to all the public institutions that are responsible, based on the law, for the conduct and organisation of local government elections of June 30, 2019, to continue to fulfill their tasks in compliance with the respective legislation in order to guarantee the constitutional right of Albanian citizens to elect their  representatives in the local government.

Considering the above, the Central Elections Commission would like to bring to the attention of the above Mayors that:

  1.   The CEAZs, pursuant to the provisions of article 33 of the Electoral Code, are responsible for the administration of the election process in the respective municipalities, based on the Electoral Code and by-laws issued by the CEC.
  2.   The CEAZs, pursuant to the provisions in article 56, item 3 of the Electoral Code are responsible for posting the voters list in the respective voting centers.
  3. Through these decisions, the CEC established the location of the BCCs in the premises which are now required to be emptied immediately, at a time when law provides that all local government bodies put these premises at the disposal of the CEAZ and create the necessary conditions to work and prepare for the process.

The CEC, by sharing its concern with the public opinion regarding the situation created in these municipalities, calls on and requires immediate reflection in order not to hamper the CEAZ work in fulfillment of its responsibilities and tasks- such obstacles affect the work of the CEC in conducting the election process of June 30, 2019.

If, after this communication, there is still no reflection and the actions or stands that violate the work for the administration of the election process of June 30, 2019 persist, the CEC, pursuant to its tasks and responsibilities, will take actions according to the legislation in power, in order to overcome any obstacles or stands which attempts to infringe the work for the administration of June 30, elections process.