The Statement by the CEC Chairman, Mr. Klement Zguri.

Today, at 19.00 , the counting of the last ballot box in CEAZ no. 35, for the Assembly elections in Tirana city is closed. By the result of this box, completes the process of counting and tabulation of results throughout the territory of the Republic of Albania.
This tabulation shows that in these elections in Albania, there were 1,613,087 voters who participated in the voting process, or 46.72% of the total number.
At national level, the preliminary election results, arrived at the CEC electronically, contain the following figures:
The total number of valid votes was 1,580,778.
Votes are divided according to electoral subjects as follows:
1. The Socialist Party has won 763,999 votes or 48,33% of the total number of valid votes, mandates 74;
2. Democratic Party has won 455,481 votes or 28,81%, mandates 43;
3. Socialist Movement for Integration has won 225.678 votes or 14.28%, mandates 19;
4. Party for Justice and Integration Unity has won 75,938 votes or 4.8%, mandates 3;
5. Social Democratic Party has won 14,988 votes or 0,95%, mandate 1.
Other parties, which did not pass the electoral threshold, received in their total have won 44,661 votes, or 2.8% of the valid votes.
Tabulation of result this time is closed within 47 hours from the moment of closing the ballot. This is an achievement for the electoral administration, so I take this opportunity to gratefully and thankfully all the commissioners and counters who with a lot of fatigue and sacrifice made this achievement possible. I am sure that all Albanians are unanimously appreciative and grateful for this sacrifice.
The CEC will continue with the further administration of the process, according to the steps and procedures provided by the Code, until its completion. But this key moment requires the CEC to express its findings and assessments of the case. So, on behalf of the CEC I want to publicly express satisfaction for the progress of the process. Incidents or difficulties in the process remained isolated and could not stain the process. Institutions reacted to them and will probably notify until the end of the process for the taken measures.
On behalf of the CEC, I would like to express the highest appreciation for all voters who expressed their will through the vote. Their democratic culture is a source of pride and commitment. I wish their behavior to become an inevitable model of the political culture of our society.
A special assessment goes to all election activists, commissioners, counters, representatives and observers of the subjects, as well as order and election administrators, who by their work increased the values of the process and enabled rigorous observance of the will of the voters.
Domestic and international observers have been in this election a pioneering supervisor of the process. For us, they have been a source of security and trust. Thanking you for the commitment and the massive presence, I want to assure them that their findings and recommendations will be a work program for the CEC, a basis for improving performance in the future.
Electoral subjects were the undisputed campaign actors and process management. If these choices are to be considered as achievements, then the first merit belongs to them. If there is criticism, correction should start from them. On behalf of the CEC, I would like to express appreciation and gratitude for the institutional cooperation; we have been able to develop among us, and to wish them success in their further political action, for successful, useful and effective governance, or for a strong, principled and constructive opposition.
Today, the will of Albanians was documented in official acts. Today, the will of Albanians has become a reality. Congratulations to the winning subjects! Congratulations to the selected candidates! Success to the 9th Legislation of the Albanian Parliament.