Thursday, 30/04/2015, at 11:00, the Central Election Commission is going to train and then  sign  agreements  with 12 Persons with Disabilities, who will be engaged to the Regional Electoral Offices.

Members  of the CEC, representatives of Associations of Persons with Disabilities, representatives of the OSCE in Albania,  Council of Europe and others will be present in the meeting.

For the first time, the Central Election Commission for the elections of local government bodies, dated June 21, 2015, will hire 12 Persons with Disabilities to the Regional Electoral Offices, , in 12 Qarks of the country.

Their employment period will be two months before the election day  up to June 21, 2015

Persons engaged in Regional Electoral Offices will have the duty to follow the dynamic problems of voters with disabilities and their identification on time, in order to take immediate measures to resolve them, at polling stations and in Electoral Administration Zones (EAZ) of the  respective qarks .