CEC hires and trains Persons with Disabilities.

Chairman Mr. Denar Biba,: Polling Stations will have the secret booths for PWDs (Persons with Disabilities) as well as masks with Braille alphabets.

The Chairman of Central Election Commission, Mr. Denar Biba, held a meeting with Persons with Disabilities, who will be hired by CEC at the Regional Electoral Offices, for the election, of June 18, 2017.
Persons with Disabilities will be engaged in 12 Regional Electoral Offices, throughout the country, for a period of two months until the voting day. They will have the duty to follow the dynamic problems of voters with disabilities and their identification on time, in order to take immediate measures to resolve them, at Polling Stations and in Electoral Administration Zones (EAZ) of the respective districts.

The Chairman of CEC, Denar Biba pointed out that this engagement of the PWD in the Regional Electoral Offices will serve as a bridge, between the CEC and PWD voters in order to make maximum efforts to resolve before June 18, for any problem that will be identified.

The meeting took place in a kind of conversation where the representatives of Persons with Disabilities expressed their appreciation for the opportunity that the Central Election Commission has given to them, by employing as well as by involving in the electoral process.

People with disabilities, who were engaged in CEC, in previous elections, raised the issues in which their community faces during the voting process.

On the other hand, the Chairman of CEC, Biba assured the representatives of the PWD that the CEC will provide each polling stations with a secret booth for PWD, stereotype with Braille alphabets, which helps voters who do not see to vote and will also coordinate with the local government bodies by ensuring that polling stations are placed on the first floors, and in the possible cases, to set ramps.

Furthermore, after the end of training, organized by CEC administration, all the 12 persons that will be engaged in REO (Regional Electoral Offices), signed their employment contracts with CEC.