Global Election Day

Central Election Commission, had the privilege of sharing the celebrations of Global Election Day with students of secondary education from all schools of the capital, with members of the Youth Forum of People with Disabilities, with students of primary education, representatives of the OSCE Presence in Albania as well as representatives of civil society organizations that monitor elections.

Deputy Chairman of CEC, Mr. Biba in his welcoming to the youth in the premises of the CEC, explained to them the importance of Global Election Day, as an important message to the strengthening of democratic processes in Albania and worldwide.

Deputy Chairman of CEC appealed to young people to be active in the political life of the country, and not to be indifferent to voting, but always exercise the right to vote to make their individual and independent choice. Mr. Biba, in his speech, emphasized the importance of the vote as the cornerstone of democracy in the country.

A special session, in the agenda of activities of this day, was devoted to Persons with Disabilities. Members of the Youth Forum of Persons with Disabilities, presented to attendees their aspirations and determination, despite the objective or subjective obstacles, as adaptability of facilities that serve as polling stations for this group, make all efforts to ensure that every individual of this grouping  exercise their right to vote individually. In this effort, the young disabled people expressed their appreciation for the attention, dedication and hard work that CEC, as well as international organizations have provided to avoid barriers to the voting process, in order that they carry out the act of voting equally as all other voters.

Many young people who visited throughout the day the institution, that organizes and administers the electoral process, was discussed the importance of participation in elections, on voting procedures at the polling stations, the negative phenomena that affects the electoral process as family voting, to rights and obligations of voters in the election process.

A mock voting process was stimulated with young people, where the ballot paper  had specifics, aiming that, through alternatives given by Youth to get the educational slogan to be used by CEC in the local elections of  21 June 2015. The visitors were  distributed educational materials prepared for this special day: leaflets with information about the history and purpose of the Global Election  Day, and electoral notebook for the younger age group with the basic concepts of democratic election system and the importance of voting, as the cornerstone of democracy.