Training on monitoring the election campaign finances for financial experts.

Central Election Commission and The Action against Economic Crime in Albania organized a training on “Monitoring the election campaign finances for financial experts”. This training supplements the on-going activities and the contributes to the on-going support by the Action to the Central Electoral Commission in strengthening its capacities to monitor election campaign financing. Furthermore it focuses on building the capacities of independent financial experts for monitoring election campaign funding.

The Training program included a presentation and guidance on the methodology and a feasible monitoring strategy for 2017 Elections.
The participants took knowledge and enhanced their understanding of the legal obligations on their role as experts and monitors in the process of monitoring, which follows the adoption of the Law No. 90/2017 “On some additions and amendments to “Law on Political parties” no. 8580, dated 17.2.2000.
Through this activity, Central Election Commission and the Action against Economic Crime contributed to ensuring sufficient capacity of the officially appointed experts/monitors to carry out a real-time observation of party activities on the ground by comparing them with a defined benchmark.