The representative of the Albanian Parliament, Mrs.Alkida Llakaj introduced today at the CEC the members of  the Regulatory Commission and the Commission of Appeals and Sanctions of the Central Elections Commission. 

With the official appointment of the members of the Regulatory Commission and the Commission of Appeals and Sanctions, the Central Elections Commissioner, Mr.Celibashi completed the composition of the CEC. The Commissioner stated that he hopes that institutional cooperation among these three bodies is fully efficient, in order to overcome the narrow time frame, with a greater will of each of these structures. 

Mr. Ilirjan Celibashi replied to the media’s interest regarding the implementation of technology during elections, stating that  Work has started in what consists as the scope of work of the State Election Commissioner and the Deputy Commissioner. A working group has been established, which will review and assess all the aspects related to this issue. We are in the stage of drafting the regulatory acts on this issue. We are confident that we will achieve success in this issue, because we are aware that there is great sensitivity amid politics regarding the use of technology in April 25, 2021 elections.  As long as one actor sees it as an aspect closely related to the integrity of the election process, we have a full focus on this issue””.

The Commissioner Celibashi also met today the Minister of State for Diaspora, Mr.Pandeli Majko. They discussed together issues related to elections such as enabling the voting of immigrants, without the need to be present in a voting center in Albania.  

Commissioner Celibashi confirmed the total and serious commitment of the CEC on the issue, despite the narrow timeframe available for finalizing such a voting procedure.