Increasing transparency during the ballot-counting.
The table of result will be published within the Ballot-Counting Location, for each VC. 

Every foreign or local observer accredited by the CEC, will have the opportunity to get aquainted  with the results of each political subject during the counting process. In the Assembly elections of 25 June 2017, a copy of the table of resulsts will be displayed in an appropriate place within the Ballot-Counting Location, in order  to be seen by all accredited observers.
The Central Election Commission, in order to increase transparency during the vote-counting process and in meeting the OSCE / ODIHR recommendation in the Final Election Report for 2015, as well as the ongoing requests from the international and local observers accredited by the CEC, decided to add an article to Instruction no. 5, dated 22.04.2015, to give the opportunity to all accredited observers who follow the counting process, to get acquainted with the results of each voting center for each political party.
The Commission of Electoral Administration Zone, will take measures to display in an appropriate location to be seen by all the accredited observers, copies of the table of results of the voting centers, and a copy of the summary of the table of results, stamped by the CEAZ Secretary with the CEAZ seal.
Therefore, displaying table for each voting center as well as the summary table of results, were approved today by the Central Election Commission, which decided to add an article to Instruction no. 5, dated 22.04.2015, “On organization of the work in the counting place, the sequence of actions during the submission of the electoral materials, the counting of votes as well as the releasing of the result for the election administration areas“.