Press release of the spokeswomen of the CEC, Drilona Hoxhaj
Central Election Commission in view of the progress of the electoral process that will take place on 21 June , has made all necessary preparations for the establishment of electoral infrastructure , in order to develop a lawful process on polling day and in the counting of votes , up to the delivery of election materials after the completion of the electoral process by the CEAZs to the CEC.
In this context , the CEC has distributed election materials in each CEAZ , which will be used by CEAZs , VCs , and counting groups . Through this statement the Central Election Commission asks all the Zonal Election Administration to take all appropriate measures in compliance with the obligations of the Electoral Code begining on Saturday , 20 June with the distribution of election logistics every polling station in the jurisdiction them.
There are concerns so far , 12 EAZ has not yet completed the process of appointment of members of committees of polling stations, because the political parties have not submitted their proposals at CEAZs . We take the chance to urge political parties to immediately propose Committee members in the voting center in order that the CEAZs may take the appropriate decisions for their appointment , as this will bring the successful and timely process time delivery of election materials from the CEAZ to the VCC.
Meanwhile , today in one of the morning TV shows , Mrs. Aranita Brahaj, in quality of representative of the Electoral Chamber , has declared that : ” Today, voter lists are being printed and ri printed by CEAZs which are later send to the VCC . According to Mrs. Brahaj, this is causing distress among voters as in 2003.
First, allow me to let you know that this is absolutely untrue and a disinformation for the public and the Albanian voters, because the lists are not and have never been printed by the CEAZ-s .It’s absurd to compare 2003 election to the 2015 election , with a difference of 12 years , it is absurd , when it is common knowledge that the Electoral Code has changed many times since 2003 .Under the provisions of the Electoral Code , the third part of it, namely Article 56 , indicates that the voter list used in the voting centers on election day is printed in the Civil Registry offices through the electronic system of data that are on the National Civic Register and certified on each page by the Chairman of the Local Government Unit and Head of the Civic Registry Office . The computer program of the National Civic Registry is built in such a way that it does not allow any change in the list of voters.
Article 56 , also explicitly determines that the voter list cannot be changed , under no circumstances 40 days before the election , so the final list of voters has been sent to 90 CEAZs , 35 days before the day election .CEAZs together with the distribution of electoral logistical materials , the next day , which is the 20 of June , delivers also the voters list to be used on election day to the Voting Center Commissions.
The propagation of this disinformative fact through the electronic media by different commentators or common persons, does not only harm the electoral process but also causes confusion among voters.
For these reasons, CEC calls on all actors involved in the June 21 election to be careful in their statements and information they provide in various medias and to correctly cite the provisions of the Electoral Code .