The Central Election Commission through the present public statement asks all licensed accounting experts to express their interest to the CEC, to audit the funds received and spent during the election campaign by political parties, as stated in the article 92 of the Electoral Code.

The interested persons, registered members of the Institute of Authorized Accountants (ILAE), besides the general conditions of exercising their profession, they must meet the following criteria:

The exercise of the profession of certified public accountant for a minimum of 5 years.

To have not been subject of disciplinary measure such: recorded reprimands or temporary suspension of the exercise of the profession of auditor.

-Must not have been elected in the leading structures of any political party in the past 5 years.

-Must have not been candidate, sustained by any political party or coalition in the last electoral elections

-Must not have close familiar or blood relation up the fourth grade with any chairman or high representative of political parties subject to auditing.

After the expression of interest by the auditing experts to the CEC and the organization of a transparent lottery, the drawn experts shall audit the funds acquired and spent by the political parties during the 2015 electoral campaign.

The selected auditors shall submit to the CEC by 15.07.2015 the following documents:

1- Application request;

2- Statement signed by the applicant regarding the above mentioned selection conditions.

All experts fulfilling the above mentioned criteria are kindly invited to apply to the CEC and give their contribution to the realization of this common task prescribed by the law.

Central Election Commission at this stage of the process is engaged in the process of relating and handling of post-election complaints filed by electoral subjects participating in the elections of 21 June.

Specifically, the 78 appeals have been filed by electoral subjects. The CEC has decided the inadmissibility of 38 requests, the rejection of 22 and the return for integration of 17 of them. Only one subject has withdrawn the complaint.

It is noteworthy mentioning that this procedure has been performed in record time only for four days, thanks to increased interest and attention of the CEC to review the complaints within the time limits provided for in the provisions of the Electoral Code.

At the same time, the Central Election Commission has worked intensively and made possible the approval of Aggregate Table of Results, for 9 of the 10 municipalities which are administered by more than one Committee of the Electoral Administration Zone. (In the tomorrow meeting the Aggregate Table of Results for the mayor and council of the Municipality of Tirana shall be approved).

CEC pending completion of the process of appealing against the decisions on the approval of the results of the constituencies, will calculate the distribution of seats for each electoral district, based on the number of valid votes taken by each electoral subjects.

Finally, the CEC will calculate, according to the Electoral Code, the ballots gained by each electoral subject for the Municipality Council, country based.

Thank you!