Central Election Commision, in its meeting today reviewed and apporved the draft as following:
1. To approve the budget expenditures structure of the partial elections for Mayor of Kavaja Municipality, dated on May 7, 2017.
2. On the appointment of the members of CEAZ no. 42, the elections for the Mayor of Kavaja Municipality, dated on May 7, 2017.
3. Secretary of the CEAZ no. 42, to be appointed.
4. On the establishment and calling for the first meeting of CEAZ, no.42.
5. On the approval of Working Manual of CEAZ, no.42, for the partial election for the Mayor of Kavaja Municipality, dated on May 07, 2017
6. On an amendment to the Decision No. 45, dated on 02.17.2017 “On approval of the nomination documentation samples to be used in elections to the Albanian Assembly of 2017”
Some changes approved by the CEC, with decision no. 45, dated on 17/02/2017, for the
Assembly elections, all political parties in attachment to the nomination documentation
should submit even biography (CV) for each candidate. Biography of
each candidate for Lawmaker will be published on the official website of CEC, to be
easily accessible by the Voters.
7.  ” In order to register some political parties as electoral subjects for partial elections for Mayor of Kavaja Municipality, dated on 07 May 2017″. CEC decided to register political parties:
a. Alliance for Equality and European Justice
b. Socialist Party
c. National Unity Party

8. “On some amendments to decision No. 14 dated 01.12.2017” On the use of registering cameras and monitors to display ballots in the places of vote counting in elections to
Albanian Assembly, dated on June 18, 2017 “.
9. To verify the statements in the self-declaration candidate, from the multi-name list for the municipal councils pursuant to law No. 138/2015, “to ensure the integrity of the persons elected, appointed or holding public functions.
CEC decided notification of municipal councils to continue the procedures for granting
tenure to candidates of multi-name lists, for filling vacancies in the municipal councils as following:
a. Elbasan District, Elbasan Municipality, Mr. Sokol Sinani
b. Korçë District, Maliq Municipality , Mr. Vasil Skënder Nurka
c. Korçë District, Maliq Municipality , Mrs. Jorgjenika Muçolla
d. Shkodër District, Malësi e Madhe Municipality , Mrs. Luljeta Vulaj
e. Tiranë District, Rrogozhinë Municipality , Mrs. Mejte Saliu
f. Tiranë District, Kavajë Municipality , Mr. Manxhuel Kodra.
10. “On dismissal and appointment of any member of the CEAZ, no. 41, for election to the Assembly, dated on June 18, 2017”