CEC Statement regarding the establishment of CEAZs.

The Central Election Commission would like to inform the public opinion that until now, the first meetings took place for 64 Commission of Election Administration Zone (CEAZ), in the whole country, while the constitution of other CEAZ, will continue during the next day.

This process is proceeding normally, in conformity with all legal procedures defined in the Electoral Code and the CEC regulations in force.

CEC pays great attention to the issue of electoral process dated June 18, through CEC administration employees as well as Regional Election Inspectors, who assisted the establishment and development of the first meeting of each CEAZs.

Meanwhile, CEAZs of Tirana District will be constituted on Thursday, 6th of April.

CEC calls on all members and secretaries appointed on the basis of proposals by political parties or mainly appointed by the CEC, to be present in the offices of CEAZs where they are appointed, in order to realize the first meeting of CEAZs according to the Electoral Code procedures.

Thereof, tomorrow, at 10.00 in CEAZ premises, in Kavaja, Commission of Electoral Administration Zone no. 42 will be established, in order to conduct the process of partial elections for Mayor of Kavaja Municipality. After the first meeting as well as according to the legal procedures, members and secretary of the CEAZ, will participate in the training session, organized by CEC.