CEC Statement on elections in Kavaja.

The CEC, immediately, after the date of partial election for Mayor of Kavaja, set by the President of the Republic, with decree no. 10098, dt. 24 March 2017, was fully committed to correctly fulfill all legal obligations within the time limit provided by law.

The CEC prepared the entire election material base, for the functioning of the Electoral Administration Zone Commission no. 42 in Kavaja, for the functioning of the 85 Voting Centers Commissions, secret booths, ballot boxes, codes with security seals, special devices for voters with disabilities, as well as any other material needed for the voting process.

About 62,937 ballot papers were produced with the names of two candidates.

During this period, all Voting Center Commissioners, including citizens who applied and were approved by the CEC, were trained in order to be mainly appointed by the CEAZ as members of the VCC-s.
The entire above-mentioned election material base, was sent by the CEC to CEAZ no. 42, in Kavaja, on Thursday, May 4.

On Saturday, May 6, two candidates for Mayor of Kavaja Municipality submitted the notarized resignation letter from their candidacy to the CEAZ no. 42, by arguing that their resignation would help to calm the political situation and avoid any potential damage to the Kavaja city and its citizens as well.

According to the Electoral Code, in which CEAZ no.42 administers the election process in  Kavaja Municipality, by decision no. 177, dated 06.05.2017, accepted the requests of the candidates for their derecognition and annulled respectively the decisions no.4 and no.5 of 12.04.2017.

Commission of Electoral Administration Zone (CEAZ) no. 42, in continuation, has officially informed the CEC on Saturday and Sunday, on:

–         Do not withdraw the election material base from any Voting Center Commission on May 6, through the announcement, at 16.00 p.m and 24.00 p.m.

–          Do not open the Voting Centers on May 7, at 07.00 a.m.

–         Do not open the Voting Centers and do not start the voting process in any Voting Center, the announcement of May 7, at 13.00.

Assessing the current and legal situation referred to above, the Central Election Commission would like to inform that at the end of the deadlines, set forth in Article 161 of the Electoral Code, will be expressed by a decision.

Meanwhile, the President of the Republic will be officially notified by the Central Election Commission, about all these facts.