The Central Elections Commission, in its today’s meeting reviewed the following draft decisions:

“On verification of the statement of the candidates from the multi-member lists for municipality council pursuant to the law no.138/2015 ”On guaranteeing the integrity of the people who are elected, appointed or exercise public functions”

The CEC decided to inform the municipality councils to proceed with the procedures for the allocation of mandates to the candidates in the multi-member lists to fill the vacant positions as follows :

  1. Tiranë Region, Kamëz Municipality, Mr. Dilaver Cali
  2. Vlorë Region, Selenicë Municipality, Mr. Bernardo Kacupaj
  3. Vlorë Region, Selenicë Municipality, Mrs. Anisa Bregaj
  4. Korçë Region, Pogradec Municipality, Mr. Donald Laze
  5. Berat Region, Poliçan Municipality, Mr. Amarildo Avdylaj
  6. Korçë Region, Korçë Municipality, Mrs. Antonela Kallço
  7. Gjirokastër Region, Dropull Municipality, Mrs. Angjeliqi Praso
  8. Gjirokastër Region, Dropull Municipality, Mr. Theodhor Dhima
  9. Korçë Region, Devoll Municipality, Mrs. Eleni Ahmetli
  10. Gjirokastër Region, Gjirokastër Municipality, Mrs. Merjem Lengo
  11. Gjirokastër Region, Memaliaj Municipality, Mrs. Amarilda Cela
  12. Gjirokastër Region, Memaliaj Municipality, Mr. Petrit Shaha
  13. Korçë Region, Maliq Municipality, Mr. Llambi Kotmilloshi
  14. Gjirokastër Region, Këlcyrë Municipality, Mr. Kristo Toslluku
  15. Elbasan Region, Gramsh Municipality, Mrs. Zamira Bezati
  16. Elbasan Region, Elbasan Municipality, Mrs. Lediana Pisha
  17. Berat Region, Kuçovë Municipality, Mr. Aniledo Kajo
  18. Dibër Region, Klos Municipality, Mrs. Enkeleda Sina
  19. Kukës Region, Has Municipality, Mrs. Mira Brasha
  20. Elbasan Region, Elbasan Municipality, Mr. Olsjan Topalli
  21. Lezhë Region, Mirditë Municipality, Mrs. Blerina Luli
  22. Korçë Region, Devoll Municipality, Mr. Danjel Meço.