The Chairman of the Central Election Commission of Albania, Mr.  Klement Zguri met The Head of the Council of Europe Office (CoE) in Tirana, Mr. Claus Neukirch and Mrs. Liljana Kaci, Senior Project Officer in the Action against Economic Crime (AEC-AL). It was discussed on the cooperation and the support that the Council of Europe is providing to the CEC in preparation for the upcoming parliamentary elections.
Following the recent changes on the adoption of the law “On Political parties”, the  Council of Europe supported the CEC through the AEC-AL, by approving three sub-legal acts:
– CEC Instruction No.1, dated 31.05.2017 “On the use of propaganda materials and places for displaying them during the electoral campaign”;
– Instruction No. 2 dated 01.06.2017 “On the approval of procedures and criteria for selecting the preliminary list and the appointment of financial experts for monitoring the electoral campaign”;
– Instruction No. 3, dated 02.06.2017 “On the method of calculating financial costs of activities, services or materials to be used for political purposes by political parties during the electoral campaign”.
The process of adoption of sub-legal acts was followed by two workshops/ trainings for  financial experts of political parties as well as for accounting experts.
The Chairman of the CEC, Zguri thanked the Council of Europe for the promptness and the high quality of support provided to the CEC, by  highlighting that this assistance played a key role for the CEC to complete the sub-legal acts within a short period of time.
The Head of the Council of Europe Office, Mr. Neukrich thanked Mr. Zguri for his  strong commitment and readiness to further continue the cooperation with the Council of Europe in order to hold free and fair elections.