Yesterday, at around 24.00, the process of counting and tabulation of results ended for the entire territory of the Republic of Albania.

According to the preliminary data reported by the CEAZs in the electronic data system of the CEC,  the number of voters is 812.249 or 22.97 % of the overall number of voters, 3.536.016. The overall number of valid ballots for Mayor is 765.825 while the number of ballots for municipal council is 760.933.

The overall number of invalid ballots for Mayor is 45.276, while for municipal councils is 49.986.

These data do not reflect the number of ballots which were damaged or cast in the wrong box.

This time, the tabulation of results was completed within 48 hours from the closing of the voting.

Immediately after the end of the process of counting and tabulation of results and adoption of the tabulation results by the CEAZ for respective zones of election administration, the CEAZs started the process of delivery of ballot boxes, according to procedures provided in the Electoral Code. This process is still ongoing today due to the considerable volume of election materials.

In addition, the CEAZs have delivered to the CEC the tabulation of results of election administration zones along with the tabulation of results issued by the ballot counting teams.

The Central Elections Commissions will continue with the further administration of the process, according to the steps and procedures provided in the Electoral Code, until the process is completed.

Pursuant to the law, for 51 municipalities administered by one CEAZ, the 5 day- deadline of the appeal starts from the date the decision on the release of results is approved by the CEAZ. While for the 10 municipalities where the process is administered by more than one CEAZ,  the 5 day deadline of the complaint starts from the date the tabulation of results is adopted by the CEC.

Considering the ambiguity and some misinterpretations that were noted these days regarding preliminary figures  which the CEC justly decided to publish in order to inform the interested public, we would like to inform you that the final official result will be announced only at the end of the deadlines of official appeals filed in administrative way, to the CEC or Electoral College.