The Central Elections Commissions would like to explain that as it was stated by the CEC Spokesperson and the chairman of the CEC,  the data reported yesterday by the CEC in periodic time intervals, which are available in the CEC website are informations obtained in operative way ( by telephone) by the Voting Center Commissions.

It was repeteadly emphasized that these were not final data and as such, there might be inconsistencies which will be seriously addressed by the CEC at the moment the final elections result is issued.  

This is a several-year procedure provided by the Albanian legislation through the Electoral Code and the CEC decisions, which, under the  dilemma whether to provide no information at all or provide preliminary information, opted for the latter, in order to keep the citizens updated, but not claiming an absolute accuracy, which results only at the end of the process.  

This is a phenomenon which is noted in every elections process, but as the main focus used to be  on the result, whereas actually it is also on participation,and thus it has become more evident. 

This problem can be addressed only if the voting process will be entirely technology based.