The Central Elections Commission, in its today’s meeting reviewed the following draft decisions:

“On verification of the statements made in the self-declaration form of candidates from the multi –member lists of municipality council candidates, pursuant to the law no. 138/2015 “On guaranteeing the integrity of the individuals who are elected, appointed or exercise public functions”.

The CEC decided to inform the municipality councils to proceed with the allocation of the mandates for the candidates for multi member lists to fill the vacant positions in the municipality council, as follows:

  1. Berat Region, Skrapar Municipality, Mrs. Xhuli Hysi
  2. Kukës Region, Has Municipality, Mrs. Iris Mazreku
  3. Gjirokastër Region, Tepelenë Municipality, Mr. Ilir Selimi
  4.  Gjirokastër Region, Tepelenë Municipality, Mrs. Kleanthi Laçi
  5. Korçë Region, Devoll Municipality, Mr. Aldo Shpuza
  6. Kukës Region, Has Municipality, Mr. Jetmir Paça
  7. Vlorë Region,  Sarandë Municipality, Mrs. Lisjona Duka
  8. Kukës Region,, Tropojë Municipality, Mrs. Kosovare Zenelaj
  9. Tiranë Region, Kamëz, Municipality,  Mr. Alfred Sallaku
  10.  Korçë Region,  Devoll Municipality, Mrs. Etleva Osmanllari
  11. Elbasan Region, Gramsh Municipality, Mr. Gazmir Paja
  12. Gjirokastër Region, Tepelenë Municipality, Mrs. Luiza Sula
  13. Dibër Region,, Bulqizë Municipality, Mrs. Brunild Sinani
  14. Dibër Region, Mat Municipality, Mr. Bledar Demiri
  15. Korçë Region, Devoll Municipality, Mr. Ervis Begolli