Statement of the CEC spokesperson, Mrs. Drilona Hoxhaj on political parties’ financial reporting on the election campaign.

The law on political parties, as amended with the law no. 90/2017, dated 22.05.2017 by the Parliament of Albania, requires that every political party that is registered in elections should make public and deliver to the Central Elections Commission a financial report of its election campaign.

The political parties running in elections are required to submit, within 60 days from the announcement of the elections result, a report with accurate information on the financial funds it has benefited or its financial situation, detailed expenses, the balance of assets or liabilities of the party, from the moment of elections decree until the election date.

The legal deadline of this requirement is September 26, 2019.

Considering the fact for the first time the political parties should include the financial reports of the campaign for the candidates, the CEC has been in constant communication with the finance officers of the political parties, requiring them to implement the law “On political Parties” and the by-laws of the CEC.

So far, out of 36 political parties running in June 30, elections, only five political parties have submitted the financial report on the election campaign.

The CEC, pursuant to the law “On political parties” as amended, will take administrative action for the political parties that have violated the law.

Within November 26, 2019, the legal auditors shall file the monitoring reports on the election campaign and within December 16, 2019, they shall deliver the financial audit reports of the political parties. The reports filed to the CEC will be published on the CEC website,, within 10 days after they are submitted to the CEC.

The implementation of the law no. 90/2017 by the political subject is one of the main factors that leads to increasing transparency and the public declaration of funds of the political parties during the election campaign, and is one of the issues broadly addressed in the final report of  OSCE/ODIHR.

In addition, based on Instruction no.1 of the CEC, dated  11.04.2019, third parties have to the right to report to the CEC additional information, requests, complaints or report violations regarding the funding of election campaign and funds benefited and spent by the political parties during the calendar year.

Such information, requests, complaints or reports on violation by third parties, should meet the criteria of the form , based on the template adopted by the CEC Instruction. The request should be clear and contain the plaintiff and the scope ( object) and should have attached the evidence and facts that support the claims.

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