The Chairman of the Central Election Commission, Mr. Klement Zguri and Deputy Ambassador of the OSCE Presence in Tirana, Mr. Robert Willton, attended the training “To vote independently and secretly. The three day training for the first-time for blind category was organized by the CEC and the OSCE in cooperation with the Association of the Blind People in Albania.

The Chairman, Mr. Zguri said that the CEC has made maximum efforts, beyond institutional opportunities for creating voting conditions, for persons who cannot vote by themselves.

“For the election of June 25, as in the previous ones, the CEC employed 12 inspectors with different abilities in 12 districts of the country as well as has produced Braille alphabets masks for each voting center to create the conditions for any voter who does not see to vote, to feel dignified and equal, and like any other voter to express his will.”

On the other hand, Deputy Ambassador, Mr. Willton said that OSCE, in cooperation with the CEC, has worked continuously for voters with different abilities, and that this cooperation will continue in the future, so that this category of voters should feel equal with other voters.

Mr. Willton assured that the OSCE will continue to support the constituency with disabilities and the CEC in projects, focusing on the accessibility of voters with dissabilities in the electoral process.