Statement by the Chairman of the CEC, Klement Zguri.
Tomorrow, on 25 June, elections for the Albanian Parliament will be held throughout the territory of the Republic.
These elections will be attended by 18 political parties, which have registered 2666 candidates for lawmakers.
They have the right to vote, 3 million 452 thousand and 260 Albanians who are registered to vote in 5,362 voting centers.
In the voter list, the percentage of women is 49.49%, while female candidates are 1,073 or otherwise 40,23%.
Parliamentary elections will be monitored by 53517, of which 896 are from international observation missions.
The Central Election Commission, despite the pre-electoral political situation, has made the utmost effort and has taken all the necessary measures to make the elections conform to international standards.
Today, the Central Election Commission has completed all preparatory work for the polling day and is overseeing the distribution of election materials by the CEAZs to the polling stations.
The electoral administration in its entirety is ready to manage the process and give the country an undisputed electoral process as well as high standards of administration.
We have in full readiness, all the Administration to respond urgently to any difficulties, problems or impacts that can be created.
By guaranteeing full support to the commissioners at all levels, I would like to warn that the CEC will not tolerate anyone who, with his actions or inactions, violates the progress and the successful conclusion of the electoral process.
The Commission has the full will to strictly punish any conduct and action of commissioners or numerators, contrary to the task and to the detriment of the process.
The electoral process is more important than any party.
Commissioners and numerators are on duty and serving the law, not to political parties.
The parties have now closed the electoral campaign and have forwarded their messages to the voters. Today is the day of electoral silence.
Today and tomorrow the voters have the power, so I call upon electoral subjects to strictly respect the law, to exercise self-restraint and to give up any public activity in the function of the campaign and to the media to stop the promotion and disadvantages in favor of parties or candidates.
The so far progress of these elections, depends entirely on the behavior of the actors in the process, thus the pressure on voters, the exercise of unlawful influence, and any behavior that hinders voters in free expression of will, is a violation of the Electoral Code and has serious legal consequences to severe penalties.
On behalf of the CEC, I ask law enforcement institutions to pay special attention to preventing incidents, as well as capturing and punishing the lawbreakers.
Democracy is participation. The greater is the participation, the stronger is the democracy!
Tomorrow, Albanians have the opportunity to make democracy, so on behalf of the CEC, I would like to appeal to all voters to participate massively in the polls and to exercise in full freedom and in respect of the law, their constitutional right, the right to Vote.