Press Release of CEC Spokesperson, Mrs. Drilona Hoxhaj,
The Law “On Political Parties” recently amended by Law no. 90/ 2017, defines the Central Election Commission as the responsible body for monitoring and overseeing of party funding, as well as monitoring and overseeing the financing and expenditure of political parties during the electoral campaign.
Law no. 90/2017, approved 48 hours ago, has determined that the CEC no later than the starting day of the election campaign, that is May 26, will appoint by drawings lots, a number of sufficient financial experts to conduct the monitoring of election campaign of political parties, by including activities and materials used by them during the electoral campaign on June 25, 2017.
Based on the particular importance of financing of political parties during the election campaign, and the limited time that the CEC has for the appointment of accounting experts, we call on licensed accounting experts to express their interest in the CEC for monitoring of the electoral campaign of political parties, within two days.
Accounting experts registered at the Institute of Certified Accounting Experts
(IEKA), in addition to the general conditions of the exercise of the profession should complete also the criteria set out in the CEC Guidance.
Interested auditors should submit to the CEC:
1. Application form
2- Declaration signed by the candidate regarding the above-mentioned selection criteria.
Based on the interest expressed by the accounting experts at the CEC, through a transparent lot to be cast by the Central Election Commission, experts will also be appointed to monitor the funds received and spent by each political party during the electoral campaign.
All accounting experts who meet the criteria are asked to apply to the CEC and to contribute to the realization of this common duty imposed by the law.