The Central Elections Commissions in today’s meeting reviewed the following draft decisions

1.        “On release from duty and appointment of some members of the CEAZs for local government elections of June 30, 2019”.

2.       “On drawing the lot to review the complaint no.4 filed by the electoral subject National Arber’ s Alliance Party. After drawing the lot and reviewing the complaint, the CEC decided to  sustain the request of the electoral subject “National Arber Alliance” on Objection to the decision of CEAZ no 68, on non-registration of the multi member list of candidates for members of the municipality council of Maliq Municipality for local government elections of June 30, 2019.The request will be reviewed in the meeting on, 29.05.2019, at 10:00.

3.       “On adoption of the content of the ballot paper for candidates for Mayor of Tiranë, Durrës, Vlorë, Korçë, Fier, Lushnje, Shkodër, Elbasan, for local government elections of June 30, 2019.”     

The Central Elections Commissions decided to adopt the content of the ballot paper for the candidates for Mayor as follows:

–    Tirana Municipality, Tirana Region 

1.      Mr. Arben Skenderaj

2.     Mr Erion Veliaj

–      Durrës Municipality,  Durrës Region 

1.     Mrs. Valbona Sakollari

2.     Mrs. Valbona Sako

–     Bashkia Vlorë, Qarku Vlorë

1.    Mr  Dritan Leli is ranked first

2.    Mrs. Valbona Mezini is ranked second

–    Korça Municipality,Korça Region 

1.     Mr . Leonard Olli

2.     Mr. Sotiraq Filo

–   Municipality Fier, Fier Region

1.   Mr . Armando Subashi

–     Shkodër Municipality ,Shkodër Region 

1.     Mr. Valdrin Pjetri

–      Lushnje Municipality, Fier Region 

1.     Mr. Fatos Tushe

–    Elbasan Municipality , Elbasan Region 

1.     Mr. Gledian Llatja