Today, Mr. Klement Zguri, Chairman of the CEC, met Mr. Detler Kreutzer, Permanent Advisor to the Twinning Project, Austria-Germany-Albania, “Supporting the Formulation, Coordination and Implementation of Anti-Corruption Policies”. Also present at the meeting was Mr. Kimmo Vikman, Coordinator of the Component 2 and 5 of this project, funded by the European Union.

In this meeting was discussed on the progress of the project that started in 2016 and ends in 2019, where the CEC is part of Component 5, which aims to increase the human resources capacities in the fight against corruption, with a particular focus on financing of political parties  as one of the priorities of the CEC activity.
The Chairman of the CEC, Zguri thanked the representatives of the Twinning Project for the expertise offered to the CEC, and expressed the utmost appreciation for the assistance provided by international authorities in order to ensure the smooth running of the electoral process.
In the end, Mr. Kreutzer said that, “The support of the CEC is a priority of this project because of the key role that the CEC has in monitoring the financing of political parties during the electoral campaign.”