Press Release of the CEC, regarding the proposals of the VC Commissioners        
We are only 10 days before the election date and we are in an absurd and intolerable situation, the polling station commissioners have not yet been appointed and political parties that have the legal obligation to submit proposals for VCC members continue to show negligence and do not respect the law.

Political parties that have the legal obligation to submit proposals for CEC members, continue to refrain in violation of legal deadlines.
We are in the situation when 62 CEAZs have not appointed any commissioners for the Voting Centers, and in 31 of them, no proposal has been submitted by any political party.

This behavior of political parties is intolerable, as it shows lack of responsibility in fulfillment of the rights and obligations that the Electoral Code charges you.

Failure to nominate Voting Center Commissioners endangers the training of commissioners by the CEC, and their lack of training directly affects the administration of the electoral process.

Political parties that have the right to bring proposals for voting center commissioners, to urgently submit their proposals to the CEAZs and not to be cause for damaging the election process and violating election standards.