Statement by the CEC Chairman, Mr. Klement Zguri. 
At the end of the legal deadline for the announcement of the voting results of the June 25th elections, I am here to call on all Electoral Administration ZoneS Commissioners And members of ballot counting teams to commit themselves to closing and tabulating the outcome of the scoring.
I want to assure these commissioners that the Central Election Commission is here to be with them, to help them with any request that speeds up the count of any vote. Also, I am here to remind them that in these elections they have the chance to show that in Albania can be voted and counted with professionalism and in full transparency. Commissioners have the chance to secure a new standard in those elections, that of closing a process within the deadlines provided for by law.
On the other hand, I recall here that ballot counting is an unstoppable process and will continue until the last ballot cast by the Albanian citizens is counted.
That is why it is time to appeal to electoral subjects to contribute to the successful conclusion of this process, by encouraging the commissioners and their counters to continue counting votes.
The ending of this process also serves the subjects themselves in this electoral race.
Up to these moments, the counting process has continued normally, with several cases of counting interruption due to the fatigue displayed by the counters or any incident that has been followed step by step by the CEC. In any case, the CEC has shown willingness to offer solutions and encourage vote counting.
On the other hand, without this process being concluded, it is worth pointing out that the administration of the elections has marked a new positive standard, and this was also assessed in the OSCE / ODIHR preliminary report.
The CEC hopes that this assessment of OSCE / ODIHR observers will also serve as an encouragement for the political forces in Albania to end this process in a professional, transparent way and within the legal deadline.