The Statement by the CEC Chairman, Mr. Klement Zguri
Eight hours have passed since the beginning of the voting process, and I am here in front of you, to call on second and third level commissioners, to carry out their duties under the law, on the administration of the electoral process.
The call is straightforward to them, and I recall that the electoral law and the recent amendments to the penal code, provide for serious sanctions for any person who violates the normal administration of the electoral process.
This is the moment for Albanian citizens to freely express their will in respect of the law, which guarantees their vote.
I am here to call on citizens to stay away from any possible incidents related to the coduct of the electoral process.
I call on law enforcement institutions to follow step by step and take preventive measures to ensure a free, honest and transparent process.
The CEC is determined to apply the constitution, electoral law and guarantee the voter that the process is being monitored step by step throughout the country.
I also call on political leaders to respect the law, specifically Article 77 of the Electoral Code, where it is stated that the electoral silence continues until the closing time of the voting process, exactly at