Statement by the Chaiman of the CEC, Mr. Klement Zguri
I would like to express my deep concern with several incidents made public in the media during the election campaign. This campaign in its entirety has had a calm climate and I believe that these cases will remain isolated.
I take advantage of this moment to run a public appeal for all voters or sympathizers of political party to distance themselves from any violent action that conflicts with individual rights and freedoms and the legal framework for elections in particular.
To respect the free will of every citizen is the main standard that we must meet at every stage of the electoral process. It is very important to achieve the highest electoral standards, as they are the key to accelerating the integration processes towards the European family.
The rigorous implementation of the entire legal framework deriving from the Constitution, the Electoral Code and other laws related to the process, and the successful fulfillment of all OSCE/ODIHR recommendations, remain the essential obligation of any electoral subject and law enforcement agencies who should not be politically involved in the campaign, as well as must act transparently for the full disclosure of each incident. The disclosure, rapid and full of transparency of any incident would highlight the truth and avoid any misuse of them.
Legislation in force clearly defines the role of each institution in the electoral processes, and specifically of institutions of special importance, so that their activity does not become an obstacle to the conduct of free, fair, transparent and democratic elections.
I am confident that the political leaders of all electoral subjects will intervene energetically in order to avoid any climate of tension and increase the confidence of any sympathizer and Albanians as well in the electoral process.
It is time to prove maturity and seriousness.
Thank You!