The Chairman of the CEC, Mr. Klement Zguri met the Director of USAID in Albania, Mrs. Catherine Johnson.
The Chairman of the CEC, Mr. Klement Zguri met the Director of USAID in Albania, Mrs.Catherine Johnson.
The topic of the discussion was the successful implementation of the CEC-USAID joint projects, which are related to the integrated election management information system.

CEC Chairman, Mr. Zguri said that the successful completion of the 8 new modules of the software package has increased the transparency of the CEC activity but has also increased the credibility of the actors and factors involved in the election process in the Institution that manages and administrates the elections.

The highest representative of USAID in Albania,  Mrs.  Johnson said that cooperation with the CEC, has resulted fruitful and has given positive effects to the good administration of the electoral process, so the organization it represents itself, is ready to work with the Commission, to adjust the financing module and expenditures of political parties during the electoral campaign with recent legal changes.

The CEC, with the support of USAID before the 2013 elections, began building a full set of computer program on Integrated Elections Management Information System – IEMIS.

This package was completed by completing the development of 8 modules, dealing with the process of registration of electoral subjects, financing and expenses for electoral campaign of political parties, political party expenditures for yearly and non-electoral activity, for distribution of mandates and others.