Press Release by CEC regarding the proposals of the VC commissioners.

As in the previous elections, political parties are showing the same problematic behavior in complying with the deadlines for submitting proposals for Commissioners of Voting Center.

The deadline within which should have been appointed the Commissioners of VC was June 5.

Today, we are 12 days before the election date and less than 50% of the VC commissioners have been appointed.

Despite the fact that all communication routes have been conducted (written and verbal), there is no response from the Socialist Party of Albania, the Democratic Party, the Republican Party and the Socialist Movement for Integration, which are also the subjects that have the right to nominate commissioners in VC.

The CEC asked political parties such as: The Socialist Party, the Democratic Party, the Republican Party, the Socialist Movement for Integration, to submit immediately to the CEAZs, proposals for Voting Center Commissioners.

The deadline for their appointment has been exceeded and this leads to the inability of timely training of commissioners. Training of commissioners is a legal obligation imposed by the Electoral Code, in function of good administration of elections, as only trained and well-informed commissioners can preserve election standards.