Chairman of CEC, Mr. Zguri, hosts the delegation of the Parliamentary Assembly of CE.

Chairman of the CEC, Mr. Klement Zguri hosted today at meeting the members of the pre-election mission of the Ad Hoc Commission for monitoring parliamentary elections in Albania by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe.
The Delegation of the Council of Europe Assembly was chaired by Mr. Paolo Corsini, Parliamentary Group of Socialist Parties.
The purpose of the meeting was the gathering of facts about the pre-election situation in Albania as well as preparations made by the CEC for the elections of 25.06.2017.
While thanking for the visit, Chairman of the CEC, Mr. Zguri, informed the delegation members on the current progress of preparations for the electoral process.
Regarding the recent legal changes made by the Albanian Assembly, Mr. Zguri pointed out that these changes have put the CEC in the challenge of time, but the CEC as the key institution in monitoring the financing and expenditures of political parties during the electoral campaign, is working intensively to bring all the necessary legal acts and on the other hand is assisted with expertise from the Council of Europe, American Democratic Institute (NDI) and the Institute of Certified Accounting Experts (IEKA).
During the meeting, it was underlined that the object of the CEC monitoring through the Media Monitoring Board is even the reflection of the electoral campaign in the media, and the changes in the law on “Political Parties” brought reactions of private audiovisual operators.