The Central Election Commission in its daily meeting reviewed and approved:

1. The draft decision, “On the election of the Deputy Chairman of the Central Election Commission “. The CEC decided to elect as Deputy Chairman, Mr. Denar Biba.
2. The draft guidelines, “On the way of calculating the financial cost of the activities, services or materials to be used for election or political purposes by political parties during the electoral  campaign “.
3. The draft decision, ” On dissmisal and appointment of some members and secretaries of CEAZs, for elections to Albanian Assembly, dated 25 June 2017”
4. The draft desicion, “On an addendum to Decision no. 319, dated 26.05.2017 “On the approval of OSCE / ODIHR interpreters for election observation to Albanian Assembly, dated 25 June 2017”.
5. The draft decision, “On an amendment to Decision No.302, dated 15.05.2017 “On the approval of OSCE / ODIHR long-term observers for election observation to Albanian Assembly, dated 25 June 2017”.
6. The draft decision, “To review the proposal for change of the EAZ vote- counting location no. 5, at Shkodra District, for Assembly elections, dated 25 June 2017 “.
7. The draft decision, “On the verification of declarations in self-declaration form of candidates from the multi-name lists for municipal councils pursuant to law no.138 / 2015 “On guaranteeing the integrity of persons elected, appointed or exercising public functions”.
The CEC decided to notify the municipal councils on the continuation of the procedures in order to mandate candidates of multi-name lists for filling vacancies in municipal councils for candidates:
– Fier District, Patos Municipality, Mr. Ardit Grembi.
– Gjirokastra District, Dropull Municipality, Mrs. Katerina (Majlinda) Dërvishi.
– Korça District, Korça Municipality, Mrs. Marilena (Silvana) Hyso.