The CEC provides training for 54 CEAZ trainers and 28 Inspectors of Regional Electoral Offices.

Today, the Central Election Commission has provided training for trainers of Commissions of Electoral Administration Zone (CEAZ) and Inspectors of Regional Electoral Offices of Kukes, Lezha, Tirana, Berat, Gjirokastra and Vlora District.

In the framework of the “Training Strategy” approved by the Central Election Commission in fulfilling the tasks defined by the Electoral Code, this training aims to increase the professionalism of regional trainers and inspectors in the administration of the electoral process as well as to fulfill their duties in  accordance with the Electoral Code.

The CEAZ trainers will train the second level commissioners in the whole country, while inspectors of regional electoral offices will be the bridge of communication and coordination between the CEC and the Electoral Commissions.

Member of CEC, Mr. Bledar Skenderi, who took part in this meeting, asked the trainers and regional inspectors to be impartial and professional of performance of their duties.
The methodology used by the CEC Administration through manuals, workbooks and materials produced by the CEC in order to assist CEAZ members during training, enabled this one to develop in the form of interactive conversation, by bringing concrete examples of past elections as well as possible problems that may arise during the election process and how the Electoral Code gives these problematic solutions.

On Sunday, this above- mentioned training will be held for CEAZ trainers and regional inspectors of Shkodra, Durres, Korça, Fier, Debar and Elbasan District.

In the end, in this 2 ( two) days training of CEC, about 54 trainers of CEAZs and 28 Inspectors of Regional  Offices are trained, most of whom have been trainers and inspectors in the past elections.