The Chairwoman and members of the CEC met the Ambassador of the USA,  H.E Mr. Donald Lu.

Today, the Chairwoman of CEC, Ms. Lefterije Luzi and members of the Central Election Commission welcomed in a meeting the Ambassador of the United States of America in Tirana, His Excellency Mr.Donald Lu.
The aim of the meeting was the introduction to the Ambassador on the preparations of the Central Election Commission for the Local elections of 21 June,2015.

The Chairwoman of the CEC, Ms. Luzi was thankful for the support that the Embassy and the US government, have provided to the CEC through implementation of various projects, with respect to the electoral process in Albania, and made an overview of the CEC decision-making, of implemented projects and work done so far  by the Central Commission, for well organization and well administration of the electoral process.

On his part, Ambassador Lu congratulated the CEC for its work on the  implementation of the Electoral  Code.
He emphasized the importance of the electoral institutions, from VCC-s up to the CEC and Electoral College,to a transparent and responsible application of the Law. The  Ambassador underlined the vital role of the CEC to preserve the Albanian democracy and made a presentation of the US government support for domestic and international observation of elections.