The Chairman of the Central Election Commission, Mr. Klement Zguri met today the General Director of Albanian State Police, Mr. Haki Çako.

The purpose of the meeting was to discuss on measures taken for the smooth running of the electoral process.
The Chairman of the CEC, Mr. Zguri was acquainted with the Program of State Police Service Management and pointed out that the common goal is to carry out free, fair and transparent elections.
“I would like thank you for the so far progress of all your work, for the information provided at all stages of the electoral process, for the program you have drafted in terms of the security measures inside the polling stations until the voting process starts, at the ballot counting locations, delivery of the materials to the CEC and till the announcement of the results. If in the other countries where I have been observing the elections process, was called the election feast, here, is a challenge, how the political parties behave, specific individuals, interests, candidates as well. We hope that we will come together, to enable citizens to vote free and peaceful, ” said Mr. Zguri during the visit he had with Mr. Çako at the Steering and Coordination Group, which is set up to manage the electoral process by the General Directorate of State Police.
Mr. Çako said that, with regard to the electoral process, the police duties are in function and in support of the CEC and the major interest of the two institutions are to enable the Albanians to carry out a free, direct and uncensored voting process by any kind of circumstance.
“We consider an opportunity and a very good chance for your presence and messages given by you, but we judge that the entire State Police, in addition to its obligations under the law, today and tomorrow at least, in finalizing this process, which is very important for all Albanians, as you say, is totally in function of the CEC, which is the only institution of management and administration of the entire electoral process ” said Mr. Çako.